Carlo Ponti Loved Sophia to Death!

On January 9, a love story of two centuries passed through its final stage by the death of Carlo Ponti. Carlo Ponti, one of the greatest film producers of all time from Italy, not only discovered Sophia Loren at the age 15, but fell in love with her along the rest of the world. In Cinema Without Borders we raise our hats for Carlo, in respect for his contribution to the world of cinema and romance.
Carlo Ponti was born in Magenta, a small town near Milan on December 11, 1912. He was a lawyer before starts producing movies in late thirties. Carlo Ponti produced more than 100 movies and lived for 94 years. He worked with great directors such as Vittorio de Sica, Federico Fellini, Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Ustinov, David Lean, Michelangelo Antonioni and Roman Polanski.
A few of the movies he produced are: Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Cassandra Crossing, The Passenger, Sunflower, Ghosts – Italian Style, Closely Observed Trains, Marriage Italian-Style, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Two Women, The Black Orchid, Man of Iron, War and Peace, La Strada, An American in Rome, Doctor Zhivago, Firemen’s Ball, Great day, Zabriskie Point, Squeeze and Blow-Up.
La Strada(1956) , directed by Federico Fellini and Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (1964) both won two Academy Awards for best foreign film for Carlo Ponti.
Carlo Ponti spent all his life loving Sophia Loren and on his 90th birthday he said “I have done everything for love of Sophia. I have always believed in her.”

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